Hula Berries: A Fascinating History!

Hula Berries: Pineapple Meet Strawberry!

Hula Berries are a new white Strawberry that is sure to impress with its excellent flavor similar to a pineapple. They are a unique small berry, about the size of a nickel, which are a white to blush pink with bright red seeds. Perfect for any berry recipe! Although the Hula Berry is a new variety, it has a great history. When North and South American strawberries were brought over to Europe in the 17th and 18th century, they were planted side by side. This allowed the two different varieties to cross pollinate and create today’s modern strawberry. However, during this time, white/pink seedlings were also produced but ignored as they were not the desired bright red strawberry we know and love.

Centuries later, a Dutch breeder intentionally produced the Hula Berry by refining and planting white strawberry seedlings alongside pollinator strawberries. By perfecting the process, they were able to create this new Hula Berry, a tasty berry that you can now enjoy!

Because the Hula Berry is not self-fertile like other strawberries, it requires pollen from other varieties to produce fruit. For this reason, Florissa brand Hula Berries are always planted with the Sonata strawberries, a large red strawberry with excellent flavor and appearance.

The plants we are offering come with 3 Hula Berry plants and one pollinator. Come get yours today!